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In today's reality of information accessibility – from social media to blogs to 24-hour news cycles – it is essential that your message cuts through the noise to engage your audience.

At Boom, we realize that even the best creative "outside-the-box" solutions don't amount to much unless they end up "in-the-box", on television, on radio or online. To reach your desired audience, Boom creates and distributes content whether a news announcement, event, cause or public awareness campaign we'll help you identify the right strategy, produce the right asset, and get your message to the right media.

Our philosophy is straightforward: Whatever your unique objectives, your Boom team will work to meet or exceed expectations from planning, to implementation, to results. We are a vested partner in the success of your campaign.

We are a collective of seasoned pros, hailing from media and public relations, marketing and production companies, who pride ourselves on cutting to the chase and being honest with our partners by advising them on what ideas are a cut above and those that need to be cut.

Our clients include public relations firms, ad agencies, Fortune 500 companies and charitable organizations.

We look forward to working with you.

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