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ervillaBoom-Broadcast_Footer_Woman2The staff at Boom Broadcast and Media Relations – Boomers – are seasoned professionals with over 30 years combined experience in broadcast relations, as well as, marketing and event planning. Boomers work closely with our clients to develop innovative ideas and strategies to ensure that your broadcast campaign is seen and heard.

For each project Boom assigns a custom-made team, which will always include a Boom partner. The Boom team is dictated by project parameters and usually consists of a project manager, broadcast consultant, production coordinator, producer and senior publicist. We will provide background and contact information for each team member every time you work with Boom.

Our quality and depth of production experience is unrivaled. We match your production needs with the producer who has exactly the right experience. And, our publicists are well-known for getting your message ‘in-the-box.’



Joan (Joni) Winkler, founding Partner of Boom Broadcast & Media Relations, has over 25 years of marketing communications experience covering campaign strategy… 


Barbara Gutjahr is a founding Partner of Boom Broadcast & Media Relations with over 20 years experience in consumer, health & medical, entertainment and business-to-business… 



Wendy Levi Lienhart is a highly skilled communications expert with over 25 years of experience in public relations alone. After working as an evening news anchor and reporter for WQOW-TV, Wendy applied her journalism and broadcasting expertise into an award-winning and highly regarded public relations career. Wendy spent eight years at Hill and Knowlton as a media relations specialist and senior video producer where she built strong relationships with reporters and editors. She used her knowledge of print and broadcast media to develop targeted pitches for clients including Quaker Oats, Miles Inc. Diagnostics Division, Searle, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Kraft, World Book, Exxon, Pepsi and Kodak.

As a senior video producer, Wendy coordinated all video news release and satellite media tour production as well as participated in crisis and spokesperson training – making her a beautiful fit for Boom.

Wendy lives in suburban Chicago with her ad exec husband Parker and children Banistre, Cooper and Peyton, who are state and nationally ranked swimmers. The newest member of the family is Finley, a super-charged Boston Terrier who joins Sid, Cy and Danny, box turtles who do absolutely nothing.


  • In her spare time: Cheering on my kids at swim meets, working out and working on my tennis game.
  • Movies/Shows: Downton Abbey and just finished binge-watching Orange Is the New Black; Shawshank Redemption and Tootsie are my absolute all-time favorites!
  • Music: U2 and I’m not ashamed to admit it – Katy Perry and One Direction
  • Causes: Foundation Fighting Blindness, any organization that is working toward a cure for cancer
  • Cocktails:  Can’t go wrong with Champagne or a good margarita!




Joan (Joni) Winkler, founding Partner of Boom Broadcast & Media Relations, has over 25 years of marketing communications experience covering campaign strategy and execution for health/medical, consumer, travel and business-to-business clients.

Her cumulative experience in counseling, strategizing and managing marketing communications programs for PR and Advertising agencies, Fortune 500 clients and non-profit organizations has provided her the perfect foundation for creating a company like Boom Broadcast. In her role as partner, Joni draws on her experience to deliver a level of service to clients that reflects an unyielding respect for their mission and communications objectives. The variety of work, challenges and clients keeps her loving Boom.

Joni lives, hikes, bikes, and breathes deep at yoga – in beautiful Littleton, Colorado with her husband Bryan, two sons, Kyle and Jack, and devoted lab, Hank.


  • In her spare time: Watching my boys play baseball, football, baskeball!
  • Movies/Shows: Overboard, Field of Dreams, Madmen
  • Music: Five for Fighting, Tom Petty, Bruno Mars
  • Causes: Parkinsons, MS, Rheumatoid
  • Cocktails: Go to: wine – a full bodied red.Ball game or hot summer day: Colorado microbrews (pilsner or red ale)


Susan Sikora

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Susan Sikora, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Boom Broadcast & Media Relations, is a nationally recognized, award-winning communications strategist and business development expert. She has more than 20 years experience counseling some of the world’s largest companies in the full spectrum of communications, having held senior management roles in sectors including agency, corporate, nonprofit and broadcast PR services.

Her specialty is stakeholder engagement — identifying and creating opportunities for mutually beneficial alliances among industry and advocacy – and she’s known for building consensus among diverse constituents.

Susan sharpens her strategic planning skills by hosting weekly development workshops for her family, such as:

  • JUST ROLL WITH IT: How to replace the toilet paper before emergency strikes
  • CLOSET 101: Hanging a jacket in three easy steps
  • FROM SOCKS TO FITTED SHEETS: An introduction to folding

Susan is currently putting the finishing touches on her seminar titled “OFF: The Under Appreciated Light Switch Position.”

Susan and hubs Shawn live on 13+ acres outside Raleigh, North Carolina, between beach and mountains. They are raising two girls, two boys and a stinky English Bulldog named Butch.


  • Guilty pleasures: Detroit Tigers baseball on the MLB package, facials, Salted Caramel Mochas (coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee)
  • In her spare time: Backyard baseball, jewelry making, running/biking, the beach
  • Music: K-LOVE radio, Third Day, Black Crowes, Bob Seger, Cowboy Junkies
  • Causes: New Horizons orphan hosting program, prevention of opioid abuse
  • Comics: Brian Reagan (“I read good… Goodly.”) and Phil Hartman




Barbara Gutjahr is a Founding Partner of Boom Broadcast & Media Relations with over 20 years experience in consumer, health & medical, entertainment and business-to-business public relations. Barbara’s diverse expertise in media relations enabled her to create a company like Boom that provides clients with unparalleled counsel, strategy and service. And, her meticulous attention to detail is rivaled only by her thick Long Island accent that becomes more pronounced the more passionate she becomes about a project.

Little did she know that her love of news could actually turn into a career. A news junkie, most mornings Barbara can be found scouring the morning news shows on multiple screens and devices. Her ability to simultaneously take in CNN, Reuters and Perez Hilton serves her clients well!

Barbara is married to a self-described long-suffering husband (aka the luckiest man alive) and shares his obsession with Sci-Fi movies. On rainy days they can likely be found in their jammies, binge watching their “programs” along with their loyal terriers – Ripley, Spike and Zoey. When not immersed in news or shows, Barbara indulges her passions – nature photography and singing with a voice that can only be described as “unique.”


  • Drink: Manhattan when it’s cold out and a cold beer when it’s hot out
  • Games: Texas Hold ‘Em, Mah Jongg and Dominoes
  • Music: John Hiatt, Ray LaMontagne, Lissie, Lumineers and 80s New Wave
  • Book Quote: “Where there’s cake, there’s hope. And, there’s always cake.” – Dean Koontz




Liz Garger is the Director of Boom Buzz with 20 years of experience in public relations and Internet marketing. As Director, Liz creates the “In the Box” newsletter that covers breaking news, trending stories and upcoming segments for all national morning news and talk shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, Katie, The View and Dr. Oz. Basically she gets paid to watch TV. Not a bad gig at all. Liz also keeps on top of the latest internet media offerings. So feel free to let her know of any great blogs, social media or sites that should be on her radar.

Previously, Liz has worked in web development, public relations and publishing. She is well-versed in HTML and programming; print, broadcast and online marketing; strategic planning; and writing and editing for a variety of platforms.

Liz lives in Long Island, NY with her husband, John, and two sons with whom she realizes her life very closely resembles the quote by Peter De Vries: “A mother’s role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car for ever after.”


  • Movie: Slumdog Millionaire
  • AM Morning News Show: Tie between The Today Show and CBS This Morning
  • 80’s Music: LL Cool J; Bon Jovi
  • Book: ‘A Separate Piece’ by John Knowles




Julia Liu is VP, Solutions at Boom Broadcast & Media Relations with 8 years of experience in broadcast media relations. She is personally vested in the success of every single one of Boom’s projects. She even gets giddy when she hears one of our public service announcements on TV or radio.

Julia is someone whom clients rely on to get things done quickly. Julia is also stickler for getting things done right – a true Virgo. She welcomes any challenge at work and, each day without fail, she learns something new which she is always delighted to share with the rest of us. Outside work, when she isn’t busy writing notes from the Tooth Fairy, her challenge has been trying to match her husband’s uncanny ability to always find the “Best Parking Spot” ever.

Julia is married to the Best Parking Spot Finder Ever and the mother of two beautiful daughters, each of whom have inherited a few of her traits: love of the outdoors and ice cream, too many shoes, and negotiating deals to get what they want.


  • Movie: Mostly anything Sci-Fi (Star Trek reboots especially) and Dirty Dancing – there I said it.
  • Music: So varied — love all types. And, you can even catch her listening to the syndicated show, Delilah, at 7 PM – she loves a good love story.
  • Cold One: Corona
  • Exercise: Walking


Steve Angiolino

Executive Producer

Steve Angiolino is an Executive Producer with Boom Broadcast. With an illustrious tenure in broadcast media, he has worked on a wide range of projects for a varied group of clients. Steve is the on-site producer for Boom’s SMTs and b-roll packages and is also our in-house editor.

Before joining Boom, Steve spent 11 years as the head of the broadcast department at DBA public relations in New York City. He has produced projects everywhere and anywhere from athletic events to trade shows to national landmarks. Through hands-on experience, he has extensive knowledge of the technical details and the ability to think quickly on his feet that are necessary to a job’s success.

Steve lives in North Jersey with his wife Barbara and two children where they enjoy eating out, spending time in NYC and getting together with family and friends. Each year, he also helps to organize and produce a Dads-only variety show (featuring over 250 dads!) that helps to raise money for their local schools.


  • Weekend Hobby: Golf
  • Apps: Pulse News, The Layover
  • Discovery: New music before everyone has caught on



Eleanor has spent way too many years to count toiling away at public relations honing her skills while working at some of New York City’s largest and most creative agencies – and of course briefly for that other one. YOU know who YOU are! And, while some with her background might boast to having “written the book” on successful PR campaigns, Eleanor freely admits to keeping up with ever-changing landscape of public relations by simply downloading information on Kindle and skimming “the juicy bits.”

Eleanor’s philosophy is simple and based on a belief she adopted years ago while building a baseball diamond in an Iowa cornfield, when the wind seemed to magically whisper: “If you give the consumers a clear and concise ‘in-the-box’ message, they will come.” And, when she is not hanging out in Iowa cornfields trying to pick up Shoeless Joe Jackson, she spends her time skillfully nudging clients to her way of thinking and, of course, Jedi mind-tricking vendors into slashing their mark-up by waving her hand and saying, “These are not the prices your looking for!”

Although her raspy voice gives away the decades old 3-pack a day habit, she will tell you that she has had this voice since the tender age of 5. In her free time she drag races fuel-efficient cars, freelances as a parachute packer (although has never made a jump herself) and performs street magic for recovering Twinkie addicts.


  • Drink: Seagram’s Manhattan – substituting milk for bitters (because of the ulcer)
  • Smoke: White Owl Cigarillos (peach flavor)
  • Music: White Noise


Ervilla Schuyler-Sloan

Ervilla has little, if any, actual experience in PR. What she does have, is a nack for kissing up to clients and readily taking blame for anything that may, ever so rarely, go wrong. We’re not sure where her motivation comes from, but she’ll tell you she’s “a people person.” She hates four-legged animals and prefers birds. And while boom is “pet-friendly” we, unfortunately draw the line at “bring your bird to work day.” But Ervilla isn’t phased. She gets it, and we get her. We think you will too.


  • Drink: Rum Swizzle
  • Favorite trait in men: Hairy Backs
  • Show she will never miss: anything reminiscent of 80’s glam rock

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