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  • Client Raves Client Raves Click above to see what clients are saying about Boom

When you work with Boom, you’re partnered with a team of seasoned broadcast public relations professionals who understand there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to getting your message on air.


Today I ran over my laptop with a 10,000 pound Ford Excursion.  Fortunately, it was partially protected by a heavy duty roller bag, but nonetheless, I ran it over.  The string of emotions that set in when our technology is threatened is overwhelming:  panic and paralysis being primary, often followed by frenzy.  Face it — we’re crazy when it comes to our devices.

What do we do when we can’t find the remote?  For 10 minutes, we frantically search, crawling under couches and hurling cushions (versus just walking over and turning on the TV of course).  And when our cable or satellite goes out?  Phone is glitching?  Wireless is slow?   Arrrrggggghhhhh-gravation!  On the worst days, I’ve felt tempted to toss my laptop right out the window so that I can watch it hit the pavement below and splatter into a thousand pieces.  I have thought, “That would feel sooooo good.” But then I’d be like, “Oh crap I just destroyed my livelihood.” That is crazy.

And when we do lose the technology completely — oh boy.  Who has dropped their phone in, er, a certain bowl of “water”?  (A fellow Boomer has actually put hers through the washing machine).  Our top priority urgently becomes getting it replaced.  So we clear our entire day to do exactly that and hours later, we’re giddy to get home and program our new device.  That is, until we have to re-input all our SMTPs and POPs and SIMs (what do all those stand for anyway?).

By the way, when this happened to me, the first question my boss asked me was “Did you back up?”  At first I thought, well of course I backed up – that’s how I ran it over.  But then I realize she was asking me if I backed up my data, and fortunately I had the night prior.  Exhale, big cheese.

Funny thing is…you think when you share your crazy damaged device story, people will be mortified.  But instead, it’s “Oh I’ve been there…” and they proceed to share their story, which kind of builds you up because you realize you aren’t the only absent-minded, careless or clumsy person on earth.  Whew, what a relief.

The bottom line is that we never know what blooper is around the corner.  We’re all flawed and fallible and our technology most certainly is.  But when things go wrong — especially around the holidays, when we so want everything to be “just perfect” — let’s try not to let our crazy show.  Instead, maybe take a breath, find a glimpse of humor in the situation and know that devices can be replaced, but time and relationships can’t.

At this time of year, Boom is particularly grateful for the relationships we’ve built over the years with our clients, many of whom we now call friends.  Thank you for 10 amazing years – not all of which have been 100% flawless or infallible on your side or ours.  But know one thing for certain: we’re crazy about you.  Happy Thanksgiving.

What’s your device disaster story?  Share it with us.

“Content, content, content” has replaced “location, location, location” as the buzzword de jour. Compelling content is what we need to populate our websites, social media pages and internal comms channels to keep stakeholders engaged with our organizations. We churn it out, but face it…some weeks we look up to find our wells running dry and need to prime the proverbial pump.

One commonly overlooked source of solid content is conferences and conventions. Medical, consumer product, technology, food/beverage or otherwise – all can be a treasure chest of interviews and video footage to use in a variety of ways for many months following the meeting.

Think about it:  in-demand thought leaders and key stakeholders all in one place at one time with the backdrop and excitement of a credible, third-party event?Take full advantage!

Certainly, planning ahead will get you the most mileage at the lowest cost – you can book a production crew and a suitable place at the conference site or nearby hotel to conduct scripted interviews with spokespersons, internal leaders/execs as well as capture product demos. But even an impromptu scheduling of a crew to shadow you around a conference can give you hours of material to package and fulfill your content marketing strategy. If nothing else, consider all that footage as “content reserves” to tap into when you’re running short on material to trickle out or to complement other PR/marketing activities.

And don’t forget to package existing content ahead of time to use while you’re at the conference (e.g., video to broadcast on a loop from your booth, or to show prospects on your iPad) and if you have breaking news or something innovative to share, consider conducting a media tour right from the conference.

You may have missed this opportunity for the fall conference season, but don’t get caught leaving content on the (conference) table in the spring! Boom has extensive experience working these events. Contact your rep for a complimentary brainstorm now on ways to make the most of your next conference or convention. Think of it as a gift to yourself that will keep on giving.

Boom Broadcast is ten years old. However, I’ve been involved in broadcast media relations for over 20 years (oh…that is painful to type…) In that time, terms like “hard copy,” “beta,” “VNR” and even “satellite feed” give way to “digital upload,” “H-dot-two-six-four,” “broll & bites,” and “digital delivery.”

But while the technology changes, the essence of media relations really hasn’t. Even if it’s “sponsored content” what matters is delivering meaningful stories or messages to the appropriate news outlets to reach your desired audience.

While rumors of our industry’s demise have risen and fallen over the years, hype for the newest tool in the bag comes and goes. Whether the banter focuses on PODCAST (remember when you had to have one?), SOCIAL, DIGITAL or (and I love this one..) TRADITIONAL media tactics…none can really survive alone to deliver a robust or even complete PR plan.

Last fall I had the pleasure of a referral by a long-time client to their PR agency who “specialized in digital.” As we chatted about the successes we had over the years with our common client’s brand, I mentioned radio as an effective outlet for other brands they represented. I articulated what a radio news release was, and how a radio media tour worked. A few weeks later I had a call from one of those who was at the coffee shop where we met. They were over the moon about a demand at the agency for more information about this great idea: Radio. Yes, Radio. These staffers were having a new and gushing love affair with this old stand-by. I’m sure, at this agency, Social was seething…but fear not Social. There’s room for all of you! If you just hold out long enough, the pendulum swings back and all these outlets and tactics can play nice to deliver a strong, if not stellar, media mix for your PR plans.It Swings...

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